Copy Origination & Copywriting

Adapting existing content in a culturally and linguistically relevant manner is the bread and butter of any worthwhile language agency. However, there are times when clients need more. Perhaps there’s simply no master language to work from, or the existing copy needs to be transformed utterly, to the point that adaptation is not an option. For situations such as these, we have copy origination—the process of creating content from scratch specifically for the market in question. 

Our team here at Tag Localization has partnered with a global travel platform since 2017, using a form of copy origination to craft descriptions of accommodation and activities around the world in over 20 languages. Our job is a unique cross of copyediting and copywriting, producing highly evocative narratives while maintaining an accurate representation of the service or product. 

While travel writing may be a gig everyone dreams of, this ongoing project comes with many challenges. The source material for each listing is written by various local hosts, but the copyedited end-result must abide by strict brand copy standards, which shift frequently as company objectives morph and pivot. On top of that, the original voice and intention of the host must be maintained as best as possible. As one of our writers, Tom, puts it, “It’s tough. The copy needs to be evergreen, engaging, informative, on-brand, but also personal, subjective, and authentic to the original writer—the voice that gives a property its distinctive character. And of course, convolving all of these things into something that actually reads well takes considerable trial and error.” 


Thankfully, we collaborate with meticulous copywriters like Tom. We connect with our linguists periodically via rigorous training and feedback loops, ensuring they stay in line with the strict-yet-mercurial priorities of the client.  

These guidelines are led by the client’s vision, and include various parameters such as: 

  • Character and word limitations
  • Desired structure for a title, a description, or a tagline 
  • Words to avoid 
  • Highlights to emphasize and features not worth mentioning 
  • Legalese: What we can and cannot legally say in our writing 
  • Overall tone of voice and feel  

By collaborating effectively with the travel company and our writers, we produce a high volume of atmospheric listings daily in over 20 languages and dialects, inspiring travelers worldwide to book their next dream trip. 

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