From New York to London to Singapore, our multilingual teams—including our internal Creative
Team—expertly harness the creative potential of brands to engender international resonance and
marketplace success, irrespective of media channel, language, or cultural barriers.

Faryal Khan-Thompson

Head of Localization – Americas

Faryal has managed to find her dream intersection of language, culture, people, travel, business, and world domination (jk) at Tag Localization. She is a Pakistani-American musical theater enthusiast and is married to a Jamaican-American man. They recently welcomed their Jamaicistani-American daughter, Nylah, into the world, who has become Tag Localization’s youngest brand ambassador.

Rik Grant

Head of Localization– EMEA

The eighties are very much alive and well with our resident warlord: Rik, who can often be found reading up on feudal Japan, Indian cuisine and whatever is on the front page of Wikipedia at the time. His acid-etched wit is as acerbic as it is obscure which, incidentally, matches his taste in music. Aside from his professional duties, he’s also a photographer, hotdesk nomad, semi-professional VO talent and chronicler of the dark and unusual.

Lynnie Palancar

Localization Director – Americas

Lynnie’s passion for anthropology is what drew her to the world of cultural consultation and transcreation, and what she loves most about her job are the themes of creativity and empathy at a global scale. When not acting as the self-appointed one-woman party planning committee for Tag Localization Americas, she can be found at the beach playing with her bossy-but-loving mini-Australian Shepherd, Ellie.

Noémie Gatzler

Localization Director – EMEA

Shepherdess of the green path, Noémie cultivates a curious and challenging mind, engineering creative solutions to grow people and brands. She’s known for her Latin affinities, alliteration obsession and unfaltering tendency to sow pumpkin seeds on salads and cakes, teacups on her colleagues’ desks, and poetic touches in daily life.

Jeanette Zhou

Localization Director – APAC

Trained in linguistics and translation, Jeanette’s entire work experience is language-centred. Fascinated by languages and cultures, Jeanette counts herself fortunate to enjoy the best of both worlds in her work. Other than work, Jeanette yearns to pick up her long-lost hobbies such as travelling.

El Houssine Oukriss

Localization Engineer

El—also known as El-Heman, ‘Sir’ or ‘Dr’—is a localisation engineer who is passionate about translation technology. He is famously known for having a sweet tooth, so the team were not surprised when they found out he lives in the hometown of the Mars factory. El always keeps his cool and likes to focus on what he is doing. He also speaks several languages…we will let you guess which ones.

Sophie Youles

Creative Lead

Fluent in four languages, Sophie thrives in the crosshairs of linguistic whimsy and grammatical sticklerism. She enjoys wearing all black, drinking all reds, and cackling like a witch. Transatlantic since birth, Sophie lives in London with a tall Scotsman and their catlike Gazelle Hound, Gwenhwyfar.

Christophe Caubet

Senior Creative

When Christophe is not tailoring the ‘Je ne sais quoi’ of our origination and transcreation projects, he is either snowboarding in Uz-lala-bekistan or sourcing the ugliest vegetables at the farmers’ market. Sacré bleu !

Milena Berges

Project Director

Milena is deeply in love with the universe of languages. When not absorbed in her work, she will be feeding her melomania by practising MP3s on repeat for the next choir concert or discovering new vinyls.

Emiliano Bertolini

Senior Localization Executive

Cool dad of two little kids, he is a modern family man. Ask him about anything from nappies to CBeebies, and he’ll give you an exhaustive answer. Stereotypically Italian, he loves good (proper Italian) food and football (but also music, reading and photography). When he feels brave, he even writes silly songs on his guitar (don’t ask him to sing though!).

Sherry Xu

Senior Localization Executive

Sherry enjoys handling various languages and communicating with linguists all over the world at Tag Localization. Her hobby is watching musicals and movies. She loves cats, but doesn’t have one of her own, so keeps a lot of cats on her island in Animal Crossing and pets Flora’s cat.

Huijuan Yang

Senior Localization Executive

Huijuan enjoys learning, and so loves her role at Tag Localization, which allows her to exchange ideas with clients, colleagues and vendors. People often say her voice is sweet and soft, which may make it easier for her to communicate with others. During her free time, Huijuan likes reading detective novels or watching happy TV shows.

Dhairya Madani

Senior Localization Manager

Dhairya ‘Call me D’ (some say it’s D for ‘Discount’, others say it’s D for ‘Deluded’) is quite the number cruncher and has a troubling obsession with Excel sheets and trackers. He likes to think of himself as a lone wolf but is really a big softie at the heart of our team. He’s a cricket and wrestling fan with an affinity for bad puns. During his free time, he is Batman.

Mariane Oberlin

Senior Localization Manager

A lifelong fan of Nick Cave, fine spirits and the colour black, Mariane is often found triple-checking copydecks, building rapport with clients and making sure the team are happily overfed via the regularly held food fests. Otherwise, you can find her at dirty rock concerts, or at home, gaming or simply sequestered away with a good book.

Shannon Adams

Localization Manager

With a passion for design and photography, Shannon is our production-focused Tag Localization Manager. Her core interests outside of the office lie in constantly picking up new hobbies (like wood burning and macramé), poring over cheap old houses on Instagram, performing improv, and obsessively watching/reading true crime tales, which she swears is not as concerning as it sounds.

Fatima Alam

Localization Manager

With her medical background and multicultural upbringing, Fati feels right at home on the diverse and multitalented Tag Localization team. She brings insider knowledge to our work on life sciences, and (as the official Team Beauty Enthusiast) personal passion to our cosmetics accounts.

Grant Benedek

Localization Manager – Life Sciences

Grant is our life sciences Localization Manager. He garnered a passion for traveling at a young age, witnessing first-hand how diverse and magical cultural differences can be. When he is not foraging for new and interesting beers, you can probably find him in front of a TV watching soccer.

Hannah Butler

Localization Manager

As our very own beauty addict, Hannah is our go-to person for tips and tricks. When she isn’t reading some odd history book or the Crazy Rich Asian series, she is striving to make us look and feel our best. But don’t let her bubbly personality fool you – she’s also our resident Sass-Queen…

Raghu Chakravarthi

Localization Manager

Raghu is a foodie, especially when it comes to chips, coffee, and his grill. He loves traveling to the beach or mountains, and spends his free time watching comic book and detective movies. He’s even been known to test out his detective techniques at work!

Giorgia Falco

Localization Manager

Giorgia (AKA the crazy typing cat) brings passion and exuberance to everything she does, from transcreation copydecks to axe-throwing events. A real tiramisù master, her true loves (read: addictions) are coffee and travelling. If you want to unleash the Italian Kraken inside her, talk about pineapple on pizza.

Diego Flores

Localization Manager

Self-proclaimed Events and Social Manager for Tag Localization London, the wild Diego can usually be found eating chocolate, drinking wine or swimming, sometimes simultaneously. As a resourceful linguist, he creates illusions for a living and swings between passion and patience. Nothing is true: everything is permitted.

Flora Hua

Localization Manager


Flora’s deep interest in different languages and cultures drew her to Tag Localization, and is the reason she always stays passionate. Apart from her long-lasting love for ancient Chinese entertainment (AKA mahjong), she spends her free time boxing, travelling, playing Animal Crossing with Sherry, and petting her white, blue-eyed, fluffy cat.

Liz Loewenstein

Localization Manager

By her senior year of high school, it was predicted that Liz would likely run away to Spain and live out her days on a sunflower farm. Instead she’s now in Nashville, TN, home of country music, fried food, and humidity. Although life may not have gone quite as planned, she still has a deep passion for Spanish language and culture, and when she’s not working, she can be found at the dog park with her Husky mix, listening to the Grateful Dead, or getting a manicure.

Patrick Marche

Localization Manager

We reached out to Patrick’s management team but they are yet to comment. We do know, however, that a love of Brazil meant he once extended a holiday in the country to two years. He is also partial to Russian classical composers—on many occasions he has mentioned something about Sergei being ‘Rach-man-enough’ for him.

Liv Markham

Localization Manager

Liv was originally drawn to Tag Localization as a way of marrying her two seemingly disparate interests: psychology and Chinese language/culture. She’s fascinated by what drives human behavior and loves learning new cultural insights.

Elena Martusciello

Localization Manager

Elena believes in three things: sports, coconut milk cappuccinos and mermaids. When not thinking about the next Christmas campaign, Elena can be found reading books on linguistics or baking vegan pies.

Jane Mulcahy

Localization Manager

Jane has been an organizing enthusiast since she played “office” as a toddler and loves mixing her project management skills with the subjective tasks of copyediting and transcreation. Jane works remotely, splitting her time between Alaska and Vermont.

Chin Ang Ng

Localization Manager

Chin Ang loves nothing more than learning a new language whenever he goes travelling or appreciating a new culture with his book of the week. If he isn’t indoors reading or watching key sporting events on the telly, you can mostly likely find him outdoors engaging in various types of sports.

José Nunes

Localization Manager

‘ ‘It’s pronounced with a J’. When José with a J is not immersed in localization, you’ll find him either running, reading, rustling up a new recipe in the kitchen or looking after the newest addition to his plant collection.

Michelle Rosamilia

Localization Manager

Michelle is a globe-trotting language and culture aficionado, having lived in Torino, Rotterdam, London and, now, Hoboken. When not project wrangling, you can find her enjoying a good book, planning her next trip, or cooking pasta from scratch.

Kathryn Brassfield

Localization Executive


A semester in Spain sparked Kathryn’s life-long love of tapas, and she refined her language skills in restaurants throughout Europe. While getting her master’s degree in marketing, she spent time in South America wining and dining her way from Chile to Argentina and studying cultural differences in international business. When work is over, Kathryn can be found frequenting the taco shops of Nashville and complimenting any dog she sees.

Rosie Dong

Localization Executive

Rosie successfully made a career change from professional translator to Transcreation Executive. What she loves most about her job is the open culture and flexible working mode. She finds it challenging but interesting to work remotely with people from multiple countries every day. When she is free from her daily work, she can be found exploring her photography skills or on her way to feed stray cats!

Jenna Handel

Localization Executive

Von Berlin nach New York und zurück! Jenna’s a born-and-bred Long Islander who found a passion for the Three C’s while living in Berlin: City, Culture, and Communication. Those three combined are why she now finds herself immersed in the Tag Localization New York team. Her other worlds revolve around music, travel, and her little white fluffball puppy, Romeo.

Beth Holding

Localization Executive

When not feeding her peanut butter addiction, Beth can be found reading up on classic contemporary literature, sampling exquisite pastries, or penning her debut novel. She sustains her pastry lifestyle with regular trips to the gym, channelling her energy to the dulcet tones of Bruce Springsteen. At work, she’s a grammar enthusiast with a weakness for beautifully curated copy.

Stephanie Li

Localization Executive

With an interest in languages, cultures and stylistics, Stephanie believes that transcreation can help change the world. She enjoys poetry and travelling. Roaming around the Lake District of the U.K. and imaging how William Wordsworth wrote his poems is her most invaluable memory. She also likes crime fiction and TV dramas. It is one of her dreams to watch a fascinating TV crime drama with an adorable cat purring on her lap.

Julia Pretsfelder

Localization Executive

Julia explores her passion for cross-cultural storytelling through creative writing, photography, and Latin American Studies. She speaks a mixed-up Spanish after growing up with Argentine grandparents and working in Guatemala alongside women weavers who taught her the Maya dialect of Tz’utujil. When she’s not practicing her Portuguese or corporate vocab in emails with our linguists, you can find her running in Central Park or thrifting.‬

Rafiqah Razali

Localization Executive


Rafiqah always had an interest in advertising and got her chance when she saw an opening at Tag. Originally unsure of what to expect, she began to learn and understand the creative processes behind the writing and translation of copy. She takes great pride in seeing work she helped create being featured on TV and online. When she’s not trying to make the team laugh (mostly at her expense), she can be seen feeding them.

Sara Volani

Localization Executive

Sara’s one of our Localization Executives and she really loves working on steam-powered clients. When she’s not translating fossil-fuelled copy, you’ll find her staring into the abyss of Netflix (or video-calling Mimmetta, her three-legged cat).

Kelly Lau

Senior Copywriter

There have been many ‘language suitors’ along the way vying for her attention, but English will always be Kelly’s one true love. It is this innate love for the language that gets her to work every day (come what may) and keeps her sane in trying times. She is also fond of nature, but not really a fan of the animal kingdom (although she once did a VO for a hamster cartoon trailer).

Sunny Wang


Sunny loves the feeling of finally finding the right word for her copy, and is excited to learn new things from work. She appreciates everything beautiful and is especially moved by certain scenes: the sun rising on the Great Wall, swans dancing in Lake Geneva, cats putting paws in her hand, budding flowers greeting her, an audience gasping in the theatre, a melody playing in the air.

Lord Walter William Wrightington III

Tag Localization Mascot

Succeeding his ancestors who may have been “accidentally murdered” in spurious circumstances, Lord Walter William Wrightington III lords over the Tag Localization team both metaphorically and aquatically. Replete with a stone keep castle and a team always willing to supply him with bloodworms, he brings a sense of serenity to the New York office.

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