Copy Origination & Copywriting

Adapting existing content in a culturally and linguistically relevant manner is the bread and butter of any worthwhile language agency. However, there are times when clients need more. Perhaps there’s simply no master language to work from, or the existing copy needs to be transformed utterly, to the point that adaptation is not an option.

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With a focus on precision and providing a faithful representation of the original source text, straightforward translation is often utilized for more technical materials, including legal and compliance, pharmaceutical, and instructional copy. With an increase in access to automatic and machine translations, it’s easy to assume that brands can get away with using these methods

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Since 2012, we’ve worked with a top-three beauty company as their global localization partner, adapting all packaging, digital, eLearning, POS, and ATL materials, from TVCs to classic print. Servicing this cosmetic giant’s language needs involves a bevy of services—translation and proofreading, but also transcreation, VO direction, and creative production—across new product launches, market expansions, philanthropic

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Cultural Consultation

The cultural consultation is one of the most unique services within the Tag Localization repertoire. It’s a bespoke report containing qualitative responses from our extremely well-informed linguistic team members, evaluating how specific assets will resonate in their local market. We call it “asking the right people the right questions”—we’re able to contribute unique, nuanced cultural

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